Monday, 26 March 2012


A good teacher will produce a good student. Teachers have very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young, impressionable children. With this responsibility comes great pride and joy. Therefore all teachers should strive for what can be considered to be a good teacher.
I will discuss about what are the good characteristics of a good teacher. First, a good teacher must be a knowledgeable person. A teacher should know the subject matter very well because he or she has to deliver the knowledge to the students so that they will understand the subject very well. Students definitely will ask questions to their teachers regarding the subject that they learn in the classroom, so the teachers must be well prepared so that they can answer the questions correctly and confidently. Variety of methods and strategies in teaching will create a good condition in classroom. For example, teachers can use demonstration method, cooperative learning, hands on activity, group discussion and many more. Students will not feel bored while learning and they will give their best cooperation with the teachers. A good teacher also should be very confident while delivering the knowledge to the students.
A good teacher as well should show his or her very best attitude because students will always take them as their guidance. A good teacher is a good communicator. They should communicate in a very good way by using suitable language. Teachers should not use harsh word while communicate with the students because they will fell insecure and they will think that what their teachers done is right.  Teachers should be polite and they should avoid sarcasm and humiliation because they will give bad effects to students’ emotion. They will tend to hate teachers and they probably will be absent from school. Teachers should be friendly. They should know students personally by name and background. Students will feel happy when teachers know their name and this will help to create a really special bond between teachers and students. A special bond will create a good condition in classroom while learning. Teachers also should talk with students easily. Teachers with sense of humor will create a good condition in classroom. Students will enjoy the lesson and they will give their maximum support and attention while learning.
Physical appearance is really important for a good teacher. A good teacher will wear tidy and suitable clothes. They should show that they are good role model for the students. Teachers not only being observe by the students but also by the parents and public. People have really high expectation to the teachers, so they should show their very best. Teachers should follow the dress code prepared by the Ministry of Education. When teachers dress for success, they gain respect from administrators and get a positive example for their students.
In a nutshell, a good teacher must be knowledgeable and has a very good attitude and appearance because teachers can influence students. Every student in your classroom is somebody's child, and those children are loved very much. Teachers need to treat them like they want their own children to be treated and be the teacher for them that teachers want for their kids. To become a good teacher, you not only teach the children, but you also have to learn from them.

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