Monday, 26 March 2012


A good teacher will produce a good student. Teachers have very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young, impressionable children. With this responsibility comes great pride and joy. Therefore all teachers should strive for what can be considered to be a good teacher.
I will discuss about what are the good characteristics of a good teacher. First, a good teacher must be a knowledgeable person. A teacher should know the subject matter very well because he or she has to deliver the knowledge to the students so that they will understand the subject very well. Students definitely will ask questions to their teachers regarding the subject that they learn in the classroom, so the teachers must be well prepared so that they can answer the questions correctly and confidently. Variety of methods and strategies in teaching will create a good condition in classroom. For example, teachers can use demonstration method, cooperative learning, hands on activity, group discussion and many more. Students will not feel bored while learning and they will give their best cooperation with the teachers. A good teacher also should be very confident while delivering the knowledge to the students.
A good teacher as well should show his or her very best attitude because students will always take them as their guidance. A good teacher is a good communicator. They should communicate in a very good way by using suitable language. Teachers should not use harsh word while communicate with the students because they will fell insecure and they will think that what their teachers done is right.  Teachers should be polite and they should avoid sarcasm and humiliation because they will give bad effects to students’ emotion. They will tend to hate teachers and they probably will be absent from school. Teachers should be friendly. They should know students personally by name and background. Students will feel happy when teachers know their name and this will help to create a really special bond between teachers and students. A special bond will create a good condition in classroom while learning. Teachers also should talk with students easily. Teachers with sense of humor will create a good condition in classroom. Students will enjoy the lesson and they will give their maximum support and attention while learning.
Physical appearance is really important for a good teacher. A good teacher will wear tidy and suitable clothes. They should show that they are good role model for the students. Teachers not only being observe by the students but also by the parents and public. People have really high expectation to the teachers, so they should show their very best. Teachers should follow the dress code prepared by the Ministry of Education. When teachers dress for success, they gain respect from administrators and get a positive example for their students.
In a nutshell, a good teacher must be knowledgeable and has a very good attitude and appearance because teachers can influence students. Every student in your classroom is somebody's child, and those children are loved very much. Teachers need to treat them like they want their own children to be treated and be the teacher for them that teachers want for their kids. To become a good teacher, you not only teach the children, but you also have to learn from them.


Last week on 18th of March until 22nd of March 2012, I went for school based experience at Sekolah Kebangsaan Dato’ Hamid (2) in Pasir Mas Kelantan. It was a really great moment for me and I had no regret choosing that school for my third SBE.
            On the first day when I arrived at school, I felt like stranger. Pupils in the school kept looking at me strangely. But it last only for a while as after they get to know me well, we started to become close. What I really like the most about that school was the environment there. The teachers including the headmaster were really friendly and helpful. I can ask them freely about the information about the school and subjects. Not only the teachers, but the school’s clerks were also really friendly. I enjoyed being part of them even though it was for five days only. From my observation, I found that the teachers there were really committed with their work. They were giving their best effort to make sure that all the pupils there will be success in their life in the future.  
            When I was there, I was given a chance to enter the classroom because the teachers on duty were not there. I was given the worst class in the school according to the senior assistant of students’ affair. I learnt how to control the class. At first it was extremely hard as they love to move here and there, running outside the class, talking and shouting loudly. I was shocked because I do not know how to control them. I amazed their teachers because they can stand with them. At first, it was hard to control them. I recall back what I had learnt in IPG on how to control students in class. They would never listen to me until I told them that I asked them to draw. Fortunately, they were interested and they give their cooperation with me. They drew whatever they want and I noticed some of them had really great potential in drawing. While they were drawing, I shared some of the stories with them and they started to like me. When the period end, they asked me whether I will enter their class again tomorrow and I said to them, I will only enter their class when they promised they will behave themselves. Again for the next day, I entered that class again and I found that I was not as hard as the first time because I started to feel that we were creating a special bond for each other. I feel touch when some of them gave me presents before I leave the school.
            I love being around children as I found that they are pure and lovely. I choose to be a teacher because teaching is my soul. I will never regret choosing to be a teacher as teacher is a noble job. This school based experience really teaches me a lot on how to be a good teacher. I will use this chance wisely to collect as many experiences as I can before I become a real teacher.       

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


i believe that when someone has hurt you once, you tend to avoid that person. so am i. that thing happened when i was in form 3 in secondary school. i still remember clearly what had happened. i forgave her already but until today i still can't forget that moment and i will never forget it for the rest of my life. she was my very best friends. at that time, i had a crush on one of my classmate. he's my first love. he was a good looking boy but that's not the reason why i like him. i like him  because of his behavior. he was very well-manner person. because i was very excited, i told my very best friend about my feeling. she gave positive response for me. she was as happy as i felt at that time. i was extremely happy because i got someone to share my first love story with. i kept liking that boy until one day i heard that he already had girlfriend. my heart sank. i felt extremely sad and disappoint at the same time even though i never confess to him that i like him. at first i didn't who was his girlfriend. i don't even want to know who she was because it'll making me depressed. i told myself to forget him even i know it was never an easy task. to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never know. i kept studying hard and did something interesting to ignore my feelings but it didn't work. you have no idea how hurt i was because i even got 'C' for the first time in my history paper for mid year exam. i felt that something was going wrong with my best friend that i share my story before. she was showing her awkwardness towards me. when we were together, she talked less to me and always avoiding my eyes. i wonder why. few days later, one if my friends told ma that my first love's girlfriend was my best friend. my heart sank again. i felt sad not because she stole my first love but because she was not being honest with me. i was angry because she not the one whom told me about it. even i was sad and angry, i still can forgive her. one night, i asked her why did she did this to me. i even told her that i like him but she still want to have him. she was the one confessing her love towards him first. she asked for my forgiveness that night while crying heavily. i accepted her apology with open heart.  it's okay maybe he was not the one for me so God protected my feeling from being dumped by him. i had decide to just be friend with him. that night end peacefully after we forgive each other mistake. i kept doing my daily life as usual but one day, my friend told me that my best friend was not happy enough seeing my friendship withe her boyfriend. i was shocked as before she was the one told me that i can still be friend with him. that night, she exploded, forgetting her promise towards me. she shouted at me loudly saying that i was flirting with her boyfriend when i was not at all. i asked her to clam down and discussed properly but she refused. she kept attacking me until i cried really hard. i was extremely shocked, disappoint and sad being accused by my own best friend. i can't even stand up properly because i was losing my strength. i felt like my heart was going to burst. she never let me explain about it. one of her friends was being on her side attacking me together. in my life, i never shouted to anyone even i was really angry. but that night, i shouted at her friend because i don't like her to involve in our problem. she knew nothing but accusing me. because we need to attend biology's class, we had to stop. i cried on the way to class because i didn't expect thing will going this worst. before the class started, she asked for my apology. i think she was feeling guilty for what she had done to me. at first, it was really hard to forgive her but after thinking for a while i realized that two best friends should fight over a boy. we have to protect our precious friendship. then i forgave her but it took a while for me to get close with her like before. i tried as hard as i can to avoid her because she gave me a very deep and hurt scar on my heart that i will never forget for the rest of my life. until today, we are still good friend but not good as before anymore. i even avoid her boyfriend and we never talked to each other for about 3 years even we were good friend before. i already forgave her. but until today i keep avoiding her when there's a matter regarding  man, love and herself. i'm afraid that that black moment of us might happen again. last year, i heard that she already broke up with him. i was sad because we were fighting over him but she end up clash with him. i always pray that she will has a happy ending with him but now it's impossible. me myself, i already forget my feeling towards him. i hope for the best for both of them even they are not a couple anymore. i'm happy if they are happy. that's the best for all of us. i accepted everything with my open heart.

Monday, 13 February 2012


Based on the story ‘Kevin’ by Catherine Lim, I like Kevin’s mother character because she always takes care of her son even though others might think that she is cruel. From my point of view, Kevin’s mother wants the best for him. She wants her son to be a successful person in his future. For me, what she had done is right because when Kevin passes the exam with flying colours, he will be rewarded with many presents. Although some of them are not what he wants. For example, he wants a pair of football boots but his mother gives him a pair of sneakers. He wants comic but instead of that, he was given books. His mother refused to buy him comic because of the stupidity and poor language. She disallows her son to play football because she thinks that football was rough. Besides, Kevin’s friend, Boon Kee gives bad influence towards him. 
Kevin’s mother shows her love towards her son even though she being very strictly towards Kevin. It has been prove in the text when she kisses Kevin before he went to sleep. She also asks Kevin to go to bed when she saw her son was already sleepy. I believe that a mother will still love and concern about her child no matter how strict and fierce she is.
             From my opinion, Kevin’s character is really obedient. He did everything his mother wants even though he does not like it. As long as her mother happy and will not scold him, he will do it. Kevin passes almost all tests with excellent results because of her mother. His mother rewarded him when he got first place in his class.
            Personally, I think what have Kevin’s mother did were good for him but her way is a little bit inconvenient for Kevin since he was not a child anymore. This will give bad effects for Kevin when he grows up later. He will be unable to make decision because it was her mother doing that for him all the time. Besides, he lacks communication skills because he just follows what his mother wants. He never learn how to communicate well from her mother. Plus, he will be an anti social person as his mother controls everything in his life including his friends. She disallows Kevin to be friend with Boon Kee because she believes that he will give bad influence towards her son. For me, his mother should let him control his own life so that he will be a better person in the future.  
There is one day when he got only 82 percent and he is really afraid that he will be scolded by her mother. It was his first time getting mark lower than 95 percent. When he goes home, his servant told him that his mother was being hospitalized he was very happy instead of worrying about his mother condition because he will not be scolded. I think son should care about his mother. He should not do that. He should worry about his mother’s health. But, if I look in different ways, in was his mother fault at all because she is the one whom never shows her concern towards Kevin. Kevin feels greatly happy because he does not have any affection towards her.
            In conclusion, the story is good and I really enjoy reading it. It gives me a lot of lessons to be practiced in my life.


The drovers had to overcome the problem of the long journey by providing enough food for the cattle. They have to rely on the food founded along the way. They also have great skills in maneuvering the herds which often spread out over considerable distances by riding the horses. The drovers had to be careful so that the cattle will not stray into private land, if not they have to pay for the damage. The drovers had to be on the look out for farm and blow a horn to warn the farmer to prevent the herd from getting mixed up. Cattle are easily frightened by sudden loud noises. It take hours to calm and reassemble them. The drovers will face the robbers who might attack them and the herds. The drovers need to have knowledge of the temperament of the animals to judge how far and how fast to drive them so that they will not be overdriven.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


life in ipg...
Man’s power of choice enables him to think like an angel or a devil, a king or a slave. Whatever he chooses, mind will create and manifest. ~Frederick Bailes~

i believe every human will experience how to make a very difficult choice in his or her life. so am i. for me, choice is about taking risk just like the poem 'the road not taken'. the poet tried to tell us how hard for human to make choice in life. i myself experience how to make decision about two choices. it will not hard if we need to choose between  good and bad things. but it will be extremely hard to choose the best between the better.
when i was 18 years old, i need to make a very wise choice for my future to be a very successful person. i need to choose whether to stay in uitm for TESL course or went to IPG for maths course. i really don't know what to do. i have no idea which one to choose. all my family members suggested to me to choose ipg because the opportunity to get job after finishing study is bright. in addition, i will be fully supported by the government as i'll receive allowance. personally, i love staying in uitm because the environment there were really comfortable and i met many good friends. we like siblings even we only knew each other for about a month. besides, i really love English. for me English is fun and i enjoy learning it. after thinking for quite a long time, instead of staying in uitm, i choose to study in IPG Kampus Perempuan Melayu Melaka. at first, i regret myself for choosing to study there and i thought i've made a very wrong choice. yes, it's true that it doesn't matter where i study either in uitm or ipg because i will still become a teacher. i love to be a teacher since i was kid. teaching is my soul. besides, i think teaching is a very noble job. why i said so? because there will no doctors, engineers, architects or even minister without a teacher. if i choose uitm i'll be english teacher. if i choose ipg i'll be maths teacher. honetsly, i don't really like maths subject since i was in standard 1. i think maths is terrible and horrible. i ever failed my add maths subject many times when i was in secondary school. fortunely, after 3 years struggling to be future maths teacher, now i find that maths is extremely fun and interesting. i enjoy learning it. now i realized that i've made a very wise choice to choose ipg because i can learn both english and maths and the same time. my love for english subject is endless. it's a really good opportunity for me. moreover, i learn how to be a good teacher in ipg because we're being train very well by the lecturers here. now i admit what had my former maths teacher said before. she said that we use maths not only in classroom but in our daily life as well. even when we die, we still need maths. 
i feel happy and satisfy to choose to study in ipg instead of uitm because my life change to a better life in ipg.  i feel regret for regretting choosing ipg at first. now only i understand how hard the poet for 'the road not taken' to choose his choice for a better life. it's impossible for us to choose both in our life. either we like it or not, we still have to think wisely and choose which one is the best for us in future. the most important thing is never regret our choice if we had choose the best choice. it depends to us on how wise we make our choice in a good or bad ways.
life in uitm...   

Friday, 10 February 2012


the grey movie poster...
today i went to watch a movie at the cinema with my very best friend. we watched The Grey. this story was set in Alaska about the wolves hunter. the story began when all the hunters from the same company went to Alaska by plane. unfortunately, the plane crash and all of them stuck in the snow. most of them died and only 7 of them are alive. it was really touching to watch how hard they worked to survive in the heavy snow storm and at the same time being attack by the wolves.  their strong team work was really amazing. they cooperate and support each other to survive. their strong bond as  friends as well is really good and i really wish to have special bond like that with my friends as well. they did their very best to escape from the place in order to prevent the wolves. the wolves hunted and eat them. they felt that human will harm them so that's why they kill human. 2 of the team died because of the wolves. one died because his body cannot stand the cold anymore. one of them died because he fall from the mountain. diaz give up because he can't walk anymore due to his broken ankle. he asked his friend to leave him alone. the most sad moment was when henrick drowning. he died because he can't breath even ottway tried to help him. for me, ottway was a very good leader and friend because he can even think wisely in panic situation when others can't. he tried hard to help his friend as well. it was a really good story because it showed how strong human can be. i really love the story. it gave me many lessons.. thanks to the producer for the great movie i ever watch!!!